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Facing problems with dry or oily skin?

Wondering How To Have A Fairer, Brighter & Radiant Skin Complexion?

Introducing Celavive®, A Breakthrough in High-Performance Skincare

Healthy-looking skin starts from within with good skincare regimen.

Celavive’s skincare exclusive ingredient complexes work to help counteract visible signs of chronological and lifestyle stress ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

As a matter of fact, these key beauty ingredients help support six major elements that can help maintain a healthy-looking skin matrix, including collagen and elastin, for noticeably smoother, younger-looking skin.

Furthermore the entire Celavive® line is gluten-free, contains no harsh chemicals or parabens, and has been dermatologically tested.

Celavive Skincare

Celavive Essential for Dry / Sensitive Skin

Restore moisture and support your skin’s natural ability to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Specifically inspired by a deep understanding of the needs of your skin, Celavive Skincare is designed to bring your complexion to life.

In fact, in only a few short weeks of using the full regimen, you will see beautiful results such as :

Celavive Essential for Oily Skin
The Regimen that Delivers Results

Celavive Essential for Oily / Combination Skin

The Regimen that Delivers Results

When you’re choosing a regimen to cleanse and moisturize your skin, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all prescription. It’s because we all have specific characteristics that make us different from one another, and our complexion is a very important detail to pay attention to.

Moreover, Celavive skincare products work together to rejuvenate a youthful look by supporting healthy skin and a strong barrier.

Take a Closer Look at the Science Behind Celavive

At this point, by using targeted nutrient combinations, Celavive Skincare awakens your skin’s natural renewing ability to activate youth-preserving beauty functions, going beyond traditional beauty regimens.

Thus, this advanced approach means Celavive® responds uniquely to each individual person, improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, smoothness, and loss of skin firmness for dramatically younger-looking skin.

InCelligence Technology®

Being that using targeted nutrient combinations and powerful peptides, Celavive® awakens your body’s natural renewing abilities to activate youth-preserving functions in your skin, delivering benefits that are unique to your individual beauty needs.

Dermatologically Tested
Restore Moisture Skincare

Advanced Skincare - Just for You

As a matter of fact when it’s healthy, your skin is very resilient. The skin cells actively produce water-binding chemicals, lipids, and structural proteins needed to form a barrier that defends against toxins and retains moisture for a healthy appearance. As a result this naturally protects the soft elastic tissues that keep skin looking young.

Generally every person has unique skincare needs, so make the most of your Celavive skincare products by choosing the formulations that are right for you. Celavive offers comprehensive regimens for all skin types, whether you have dry/sensitive skin or combination/oily skin.

While it’s helpful to choose products based on your skin type, you can easily mix and match products so you can perfectly tailor your regimen to your individual concerns and preferences.

In brief by using advanced science and carefully formulated products, Celavive® is designed to support enhanced communication with your skin cells to counteract both types of ageing – delivering personalised beauty support and radiant, younger-looking skin.

Select Celavive products have been clinically tested to evaluate the effectiveness of their advanced formulations.

Perfecting Toner

Perfecting Toner

Nearly 180% increase in moisture within the first 30 minutes observed.

Vitalizing Serum

Noticed that skin firmness appeared two times greater after application

Replenishing Night Cream

Almost 70% less water loss in the first 30 minutes observed.

The Science of Celavive®

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Essential Oily / Combination Skin

Set A
NOW RM785only Retail Selling Price : RM 1155
  • Creamy Foam Cleanser : RSP RM132
  • Perfecting Toner : RSP RM209
  • Protective Day Lotion : RSP RM209
  • Vitalizing Serum : RSP RM319
  • Replenishing Night Gel : RSP RM286

Essential Dry / Sensitive Skin

Set B
NOW RM785only Retail Selling Price : RM 1155
  • Gentle Milk Cleanser : RSP RM132
  • Perfecting Toner : RSP RM209
  • Protective Day Cream : RSP RM209
  • Vitalizing Serum : RSP RM319
  • Replenishing Night Cream : RSP RM286

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